24 January, 2016

24 January 2016

Good afternoon! 

I hope that everyone is having a great day so far in January!  Today, I'd like to quote a Facebook post that our own Mark Bruzee posted. He has a lot of valid points and I'd like to point some of these out to our dedicated listeners.

This is Mark's post:

Today I want to speak on the topic of AUDIO DRAMA! 
I have been involved in the world of audio drama now for more than 10 years, as an actor, director, writer, producer and post producer. Every one of these positions is a rewarding, gratifying situation to be in because you're helping to revive what was dismissed as a DEAD ART FORM. And we of the Modern A.D. world are proving that declaration completely false. 
By some estimations there are currently (in the US ALONE) some 50 Audio Drama companies, most of which are run and staffed by volunteers. These people are AMAZING. They give of their talent, their time and their passion and what do they get out of it... A warm fuzzy feeling for doing a good job..... And audiences BITCHING AT THEM BECAUSE IT TOOK SO LONG for the show to get on the air. 
Let me (as a post producer) offer a small bit of perspective: 
[1] for every 1 minute of audio drama (complete with Music, sound effects, and dialogue, the average post producer requires between 15-60 MINUTES to produce it. Yes, you saw that right, IT CAN TAKE AN HOUR to get 1 MINUTE of finished program done. NO ONE IS PAYING for this, they do it because they love it. 
[2] Original scripts for audio drama can require from 2 - 10 WEEKS of preparation, from securing the rights to produce from the original author, to vetting the story, to adapting the story into an audio script, getting the authors final ok and then releasing it to the actors. 
[3] ACTORS need a minimum of 2 weeks to record their lines. These people have Jobs, Families, social lives and again, NO ONE IS PAYING THEM, they do it for the love of the art. 
So now, for a single 60 minute original drama in audio format you are looking at an investment of about 200 HOURS. Divide that into a normal (YOUR NORMAL) day and that can mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-2 MONTHS without dedicated time and space to finalize your favorite shows. 
We producers, writers and Actors in AUDIO DRAMA Love our audiences and we TRULY appreciate your passion for the shows we do. 
So PLEASE, As fans of Audio Drama, remember... 
Your favorite podcast or series takes a LOT of work from a LOT of volunteers. So PLEASE be supportive with your patience and good will toward them.
May everyone keep this in mind when you are wondering when the next audio drama may be coming out.  

Thank you for your time and remember to always head towards the dark...