18 March, 2017

18 March 2017

Tonight, we present our newest show to Darker Projects - Madness written by Andrew T. Jayroe.  We hope that you enjoy it!  Thank you for listening to Darker Projects audio productions and we thank you for your time.

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Without further ado... if you dare... the beginning of Madness... 


Madness:  Ep 001

Four old friends on an annual weekend camping trip spend their days fishing and nights catching up around the campfire.  It becomes glaringly obvious that their glory days are fading behind them as family ties, failing business ventures, and corporate woes slowly force them apart.  But the bonds of friendship will be shattered completely when the group's subtle personality quirks are magnified beyond measure.  Worry turns to outright paranoia, optimism to lunacy, detachment to sociopathy, and jealousy to psychopathic rage.
Written by Andrew T. Jayroe
Our cast:
Persephone Rose as Jarred Carvey
Tanja Milojevic as Melissa Carvey
Shane Harris as Chris Larson
Dave Morgan as Kevin Folson
Edward Herman as Steve Croft
Russel Gold as the cashier
Mark Bruzee as the announcer
Post Production by MJ Cogburn
The executive producer of Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn.