13 July, 2021

14 July 2021


Doctor Who –  Season 04  EP 09:  Salvage Wars Part 3

Answering a distress call, the Doctor and Emma find themselves right where no one ever wants to be, surrounded by German soldiers in the middle of World War II!  But when they're caught in a shoot-out between Allies and Axis, will the alien spacecraft by the perfect shelter, or lead to a much more dangerous threat?

Written by Miles Reid

Featured in the cast were:
David Ault as the Doctor
M Sieiro Garcia as Emma Collins
H Keith Lyons as Captain Jonas Bieber
David McGyver as Lieutenant Hans Kortig
Lone Peanut as General Jack Tracy
Brian Bedard as Warmaster Vryneck
Brian Finnegan as Repcheck
Chris Stadther as Corporal Adam Ward and US soldiers
Jim Hamilton as Vaalnack Officer, Skrill Officer, and US Soldier
and Rob Fox as the announcer

Directed by MJ Cogburn

Produced by David Ault

Production and sound design by Jim Hamilton. 

Music by Murray Gold

The executive producer for Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn.

This has been a Darker Projects Production!

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