02 September, 2022

02 September 2022


Darker Projects Uncovered: Ep 007

Uncover the truth behind the makings of Darker Projects with MJ Cogburn in this bi-weekly podcast. Come in and see what's been going on!  There are results for a casting call and a blooper reel from the Quantum Leap group. Enjoy!

Shane Harris is the production announcer.  Music by Kevin MacLeod.  Post-production by MJ Cogburn.  Thank you for listening.

17 March, 2022

18 March 2022


Double The Leap Double the Danger

October 25, 1998, Denison, Texas

As 16-year-old Ryan Dutcher, Sam feels hobbled by the family situation surrounding him.  Unable to cope with the emotional whirlwind dodging his every thought, he slowly loses contact with Al and the Project.  How can he save himself as well as Ryan's family and schoolmates from certain destruction without an Observer to guide him?

Written by AJ Burfield and MJ Cogburn

Featured in the audio:

Paul Arbisi as Sam Beckett

Ben Harmer as Albert Calavicci

Mindy Rast-Keenan as Ziggy

Katherine Freymuth as Beth Calavicci

Duane Noch as Gooshie

Rachel Pulliam as Verbena Beeks

Lisa Michaud as Donna Eleesee Beckett

Leon Rockwell as Ray and Ryan Dutcher

Andrea Richardson as Allison Dutcher

Griffon Coldiron as David Dutcher

Katie Parker as Angela Morgan

Evelyn Castro as Mrs. Anderson

Erik Baude as Brad

Roger St. James as Yeng

MJ Cogburn as Sammy Jo Fuller

and Shane Harris as the announcer. 

The theme music was composed by Mike Post and Velton Ray Bunch.  Additional music used was by Kevin MacLeod, White Zombie, Twisted Sister, and Celestial Aeon Project. 

Produced and Post-Production by MJ Cogburn. 

Darker Projects version of Quantum Leap is based on the Universal Television Series “Quantum Leap” created by Donald Bellasario.  No infringement of those rights is intended, and no monies will be collected for said production. 

All stories are the property of their authors and are used with permission. 

The executive producer is MJ Cogburn.  This has been a Darker Projects production.  Visit us on Facebook and let us know how you liked the episode!  Enjoy!