21 April, 2017

21 April 2017

Tonight, we present our newest show to Darker Projects - Madness written by Andrew T. Jayroe.  We hope that you enjoy it!  Thank you for listening to Darker Projects audio productions and we thank you for your time.

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Without further ado... if you dare... the second episode of Madness... 


Ep 002: Madness:  Highway to Hell
A gas station fire ends in a delay for Jarred and Chris – and draws the attention of dangerous foes.
Written by Andrew T. Jayroe
This episode of Madness is dedicated to the memory of Bill Hollweg ~ a supportive friend, a confidant to many, a talented artist who loved rock and roll – especially KISS, and a lover of audio.  May he continue to inspire all of us as we endeavor on.
Our cast:
Persephone Rose as Jarred Carvey
Shane Harris as Chris Larson
Dave Morgan as Kevin Folson
Russell Gold as Ronnie Black
Eric Paul Johnson as the Redneck
Mark Bruzee as the announcer
Post Production by MJ Cogburn
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The executive producer of Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn.