26 June, 2016

26 June 2016 - Star Trek Shows

I wish that this post would be something more promising, but early this morning, I received word from Eric Busby.  We have had to pull our Star Trek shows from our website.  CBS has laid down some serious ultimatums and it could really get our butt in a crack.

Although it seems that it's loosely based on Films, many in the audio already see the writing on the wall.  If you'd like to read the information written on the wall - it's here.  Thank you, Tom for helping Darker Projects with the taking down of the Star Trek from DP.

Other audio drama companies such as Giant Gnome: Star Trek; Outpost have also halted production of their program as well.

We apologize for the problem that CBS has caused to our realm of audio drama, and we hope that no one gets sued for the love of a project.

I'm not promising anything at this point in time as I'm at the end of week one after surgery on my back. I am hoping that soon, DP will have some audio to put up for you to enjoy.

May your day be blessed,