30 December, 2020

31 December 2020


ST: LF Season 1 Episode 20: Philanthropy

The Enterprise travels to Fergininar at the behest of Grand Nagus Rom, to meet with a new special committee.  It is shaded in secrecy.  As the Enterprise arrives in the system, they detect numerous trade starships of various classes in the system.  It seems that the Ferengi are doing extremely well since the Fall.  What exactly is going on?

Philanthropy was written by George Samuels

Featured in the cast were:

  • Mark Bruzee as Captain Trask
  • Laura Post as Commander Niles
  • David Ault as Mr. Winfred
  • Elie Hirschman as Zog
  • Ben Harmer as Liem Kincaid
  • Derek M. Koch as Lt. Knight
  • Jeanine Yamanaka as Lt. T'Loc
  • Samuel Gillis as Ensign Sid Kirk
  • Rich Matheson as Daimon Pag
  • Tom Antonellis as Grand Nagus Rom, Chief Exchequer Queb and Liquidator Lurg
  • and Mike Pollack as Wug
Lost Frontier is based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry and was developed by Eric Busby.  
This episode was produced and directed by MJ Cogburn
Post Production work by Mathieu Blondin and Jesse Ferguharson
The executive producer of Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn
This has been a Darker Projects production.  Thank you for listening!
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