30 October, 2017

30 October 2017 - B

11th Hour Productions Presents:

Night Terror: Season 2: Ep 005:  The Hooded Figure

Written by MJ Cogburn, Shane Harris, and Jonathan Patrick Russell.

Tonight’s entertainment is based on inheritance. Sometimes, you can inherit many things from your family – sometimes it’s trinkets, expensive furniture all the way up to an excessive amount of money. What happens when it’s more than just objects or monetary gain?

Featured in the cast are players from AudiOblivious, Darker Projects, Narada Radio Company, Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind and Leap Audio:

     Shane Harris as Scott McMillan
     MJ Cogburn as Abigail Townsend
     Sarah Golding as the Waitress
     Austin Beach as Paul Edwards
     Tanja Milojevic as Jessica Edwards
     Scott Phillips as Officer Roberts
     Pete Lutz as Officer Davis
     Mark Bruzee as Harbinger, your host

The Hooded Figure is produced by MJ Cogburn.

The awesome, original musical score was performed by David Krause.

The Hooded Figure was presented over at the 11th Hour Production.  We hope that you go and listen to the other audios presented there.  We hope you enjoyed the presentation. Thank you for listening.