29 September, 2020

30 September 2020

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Tales From The Museum: The Beginning Ep 02 - Mummy's Treasure

A mysterious mummy has ended up in the museum.  The rightful owners and the Nazis are after the Mummy.  After trying to set the mummy in the rightful hands, Sheppard and Ruthie visit Brother Gilbert and gain new information about the Sleepwalker.  How is Brother Gilbert involved with the Sleepwalker? Will Ferring, Mr. Sheppard, and the rest be able to figure out what's going on?

Written by Charles Russell

Featured in the cast were:

Joshua Perusse as James Lee Sheppard
Victoria Perusse as Ruthie Ballard
Erik Baude as Brother Gilbert Littlemead
Rachel Pulliam as Dr. Catherine Caspian
Elie Hirschman as the Sleepwalker
Thomas Rippert as Emile Peloscov
MJ Cogburn as Tanya, the secretary
Joe Stofko as Hiram Nash
Alex Gilmour as Buddy
David Ault as the Nazi guard
Shane Harris as Richard Ferring and as your announcer

Original music by Joey Stuckey, Kevin MacLeod, and Kai Hartwig

Produced and Post Production by MJ Cogburn

The Series Producer is MJ Cogburn

Executive Producer for Darker Projects is M.J. Cogburn